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1) Intention
DCU Student Volunteers For Charities is intended to encourage the school personnel and students to take part actively in sound social works on the basis of the DUC's founding philosophy, to inspire students with pride and school personnel with volunteerism, to contribute greatly to communities, and ultimately to develop into a community-friendly university.

2 ) Purpose
Based on our founding philosophy, the Volunteers aims to cultivate sound volunteerism which is the key for exercising personally our motto Love for the University, Neighbors, the Country and Human Beings to embody a participatory welfare regime in reality, as well as to establish volunteer culture among universities and colleges.

1) Voluntary services of school personnel/students' union/on-campus clubs
ㆍEncourage school personnel to participate in voluntary services in order to inspire them with volunteerism and improve
   their working efficiency.
ㆍEncourage students to take part in voluntary services as their own autonomous activities.
ㆍDevelop appropriate community service programs for the characteristics of students' union and on-campus clubs.
ㆍVisit and provide affiliated organizations with voluntary services.

2) Reorganization for Functional Expansion
  Research and education related functions reinforced by reorganizing the existing volunteers group into a volunteer center

3) “Outstanding Volunteer” Prize (called 'Sarang Nanumi' in Korean)

- Awarded to the most outstanding student, department and on-campus club in aspect of campus life including voluntary
  service, at the anniversary of the foundation annually.

4) Volunteer Scholarship Funding & Organization of "Volunteer Scholarship Society"
- Intended to provide a few students who have completed successfully desirable voluntary services, with tuition fees  and/or other fees on the basis of donations from external organizations, the alumni association and individuals.

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