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1) To encourage students to participate in on-campus activities regarding club activities as well as to help them to perform
positively on-/off-campus activities including learning, social activities and hobbies
2) To activate on-campus club activities, to ensure their autonomous operations, and ultimately to raise the university's position
 in the academic world on the basis of stronger love and pride for the university as well as clubs.

- DCU undergraduates and graduates (except part-time students)

1) Club Establishment
  Apply for club establishment according to the given procedures on the On-campus Clubs website.
※ It is assumed application for club establishment agrees with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy available on the DCU's
2) Procedures
  Apply for club establishment on the On-campus Clubs webiste. → Application receipt → Review and approval

- Log in the On-campus Clubs website. > Search a desired club. > Apply for club membership.
 ※ Membership approval is decided by the admin of each club.

The university plans to support offline activities of clubs (See the On-campus Club regulations).
※ If any support is necessary for offline activities of a certain club, internal review on its adequacy will be performed before    support.


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