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- Used for studentship certification, library access, book checkout, e-library
  access, etc.
- All DCU undergraduates (except for students on leave of absence, graduates
  and part-time students)
- Application by post :
  Download and fill in the form of Application for Student ID Card. -> Submit it to Student Support Team at Daegu Cyber
University. -> Receipt -> Issuance -> Delivery by registered mail.
Always attach your identification photograph (3cm x 4cm sized) and inform us of your address for registered mail (if returned or lost, the university will not be responsible for that at all.)
Submission address : DCU Student Support Team, Daegu Cyber University, 15, Nae-ri, Jinryang-eup, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, 712-714, S. Korea
- Online application : Log in > ACADEMICS > Applications > Application for Student ID Card
Photo size : Resolution - 300 pixels, Height*Width: 330 * 390 (pixels), Image type - bmp file
(Please always ensure that your photo attached is of the same size as specified above.)
As it also plays the role of studentship certificate, please attach a scanned identification photo if possible.
In the following cases, it is difficult to issue an student ID card.
① Photos taken with a cellular phone camera or a photo sticker machine, in which identification is impossible or background
    is too dark.
  ② Photos taken from any other angles, not full face photos (titled poses, photos taken upwards or downwards,
    funny poses, etc.)
  ③ Excessively edited photo, etc.
Always record your address for registration mail.
- At any time
- On Fridays in the 3rd week every month
  ※ Issuance period may change depending on the university's circumstances.
- Issued ID cards are sent collectively by registered mail on Mondays in the 4th week every month.
※ Always record your address for registration mail.
※ Delivery period may change depending on the university's circumstances.
- free

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