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Type Where/How To Apply Processing time required When to apply Certification fee & Other fees
Anywhere On-demand Civil Service Visit the Civil Service Dept. at any nearby local government office agency, or the On-demand Civil Service website (http://www.egov.go.kr) to apply for certification. Within 3 hrs after applizzcation; case by case, it may be prolonged as long as 2~3 days. 09:00 AM ~ 17:00 PM (Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays excluded) KRW 1,300 per certification; KRW 300 per additional copy
By-Post Civil Service Visit a nearby post office.→ Fill in an application form for by-post certification and submit it with certificate fee enclosed.→ Pay for registered post. 3 or 5 days from the date of application according to region. Certification fee, registered post fees
Visiting the University Visit personally the university.→ Ensure that you are the person in question, and pay for certification. → Receive it. Within 30 mins., case by case, it may be prolonged as long as 2~3 days. Certification fee
Online Certification This is always accessible around the clock wherever one can use the Internet and a printer and real-time certification service is provided.
※A new user must register his or her email address and password.
※ If possible, print it out by using a color printer.
Certification fee +commission(KRW 1,000)

- Certificate of Studentship
  (Korean/English versions)
Currently enrolled students (excluding any students not enrolled as of the first date of the semester)
- Certificate of Leave of Absence
  (Korean/English versions)
Persons who was enrolled previously and has been already removed from the enrollment register.
- Certificate of Completion (Korean/English versions) Students who have completely earned at least 35 credits for the 1st year; 70 credits for the 2nd year; 105 credits for the 3rd year; or 140 credits for the 4th year and completed two semesters, four semesters, six semesters or eight semesters, respectively.
- Certificate of Graduation (Korean/English versions) Graduates
- Certificate of Expectant Graduation  (Korean/English versions) Expectant graduates in the next semester of the current year (As they have not yet earned their final grade points, some of them may fail to graduate from the university.)

- Transcript (Korean/English versions) Students earning grade points for at least one semester
- Registration Confirmation (Korean version only) Only part-time students who are attending given classes in the university during the semester of the current year. (For undergraduates, contact us.)

- Certificate of Tuition Fee Payment
  (Korean version only)
Issued as Educational Expenses Payment Certificate, if necessary at the time of the year-end tax adjustment.
- Certificate of Scholarship Award
  (Korean version only)
Only undergraduates who have received a scholarship

Language Undergraduates (including those on leave of absence) / Graduates / Previously enrolled students Remarks
Korean version KRW 500 Educational Expenses Payment Certificate and the Certificate of Scholarship Award are issued without a fee.
English version KRW 1000

Anywhere On-demand Civil Service (former By-Fax Civil Service): The amount of fee shall be additionally determined in accordance with Article 11 (Imposition and Adjustment of Fees and the Like) of the Anywhere On-demand Civil Service System Regulations.

Online Certification: Certification fee + Commission (for initial certification, KRW 1,000; for additional copy, KRW 500 per copy)

  Ex) If the amount of certification fee specified by the university is equivalent to KRW 500 (Korean version)
- In the case of issuing two copies of the same type of certificate
University's certification fee (KRW 1,000)+ commission (KRW 1,500) = KRW 2,500 [certification fee KRW 500× 2 copies, commission KRW 1,000 for the first copy + KRW 500 for the second copy and afterwards] - In
- the case of issuing each copy of different types of certificates (two copies in total)
University's certification fee (KRW 1,000)+ commission (KRW 2,000) = KRW 3,000

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