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We welcome anybody who desires to be a social worker or a legal administrator!
The Department of Welfare Administration aims at realizing new administrative information and developing fundamental research ability to scientifically study the e-Government as qualifications of a social worker by coping with the variety of modern society, raising practical ability of social welfare studies and political science, and cultivating leading manpower necessary for social welfare studies and political science.
- Welfare administration required without limit of time and space
- Practical education suitable for practical welfare administration studies through cyber education
- Education and instructions for self development of those who are working in social welfare centers and
  administration-related institutions
- Provision of administration and law-related information services

- To cultivate practical specialists in social welfare policies and administration
- To learn expertise for practice of social welfare
- To cultivate professional social workers for families, the aged, women, the disabled, and youth - To learn expertise and   techniques necessary for counseling and therapy of individuals and families

Cultivation of professional social workers - Social workers, medical social workers, mental health social workers, school social workers
Certificate acquisition course - Social worker grade 2, healthy family worker, child-care teacher grade 2, lifelong educator grade 2
Cultivation of social welfare and administrative specialists - Practical specialists in social welfare organizations, planning of social welfare/operation of social welfare facilities, civil servants taking full charge of social welfare
Realization of welfare for the disabled - Development of contents for hearing-impaired persons for the first time in the country Formation of regional communities - Activation of mentoring, close student management, exchange of employment-related information

A distinguished university of specialization!

Specialized department connected with Daegu University - educational infrastructure
Supreme social specialized network in each field - consolidation of students' practical abilities
Excellent faculty - excellent contents secured, high-quality educational service

After graduation from the Department, students can apply for social worker grade 1 examination as well as acquire a national authorized social worker grade 2 certificate.
Social welfare-related institutions: General social welfare centers & social welfare facilities, schools, counties, labor welfare complexes, Korea Employment Promotion Agency for the Disabled, National Pension Corporation, religious organizations, youth training centers, voluntary service centers, lifelong education centers, etc.
- Civil servants : Whole responsibility for social welfare in the city hall and the ward office
- Medical institutions : General social workers, mental health social workers after training for a certain period
- General enterprises Labor management, human resources management, lifelong education manager in the company
- Operation of social welfare facilities
- Entry into graduate school


- Social worker grade 2 certificate after completing the fixed curriculum(applicable for grade 1 examination)
- Lifelong educator grade 2 certificate after completing the fixed curriculum
- Child-care teacher grade 2 certificate after completing the fixed curriculum
- Healthy family worker certificate after completing the fixed curriculum
- Applicable for national youth counselor qualification examination

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