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The Department of Social Welfare intends to prevent and solve the diversified problems in modern society and contribute to realizing the welfare society where all members of the society enjoy a human life.
For this, the Department cultivates "professional social workers having both theory and practice" by learning knowledge and technique of social welfare policies and administration, and practice methods with balance.

- To cultivate practical specialists in social welfare policies and administration
- To learn expertise for the practice of social welfare
- To cultivate professional social workers for families, women, the aged, the disabled, and the young
- To learn expertise and techniques necessary for counseling and therapy of individuals and families

Students can be employed as counseling psychologists in youth counseling centers and provincial and municipal counseling institutions.
(2) Students can be employed in infants & children care facilities and integrated care facilities or start a related business.
Students can be employed in social welfare centers and welfare centers for the differently abled as counseling psychologists.
(4) For teachers, they can be employed in public social education institutions, training centers, and general schools as counselors.
For office workers or those having a bachelor's degree of business administration, they can be employed in industries as training and human resources management staff.
Besides, students can enter the counseling course of general graduate school or graduate school of education to cultivate the professional quality and be engaged in diversified counseling fields.


- A Counseling Psychologist Certificate under the name of the Daegu Cyber University's President will be granted after completing the fixed curriculum.
- National certificate : Applicable for youth counselor grade 3 certificate after completing the fixed curriculum
- Certificates from societies : Applicable for psychology-related certificates such as counseling psychologist grade 2 certificate, play therapist certificate, art/music/reading therapist certificate, vocational counselor certificate, development psychologist certificate, development psychologist certificate, behavior therapist certificate, etc. after completing the fixed curriculum

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