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2017.01.24 MOU with 6 Kindergartens in GangNeung (Kyohang, Okchjun, SacheonJilri, Dongbu, YeonKot, kinderschool)
2017.01.31 MOU with Rainbow Family Foundation signed
2017.02.01 MOU with Gwang Myeong Welfare Center for the Disabled signed
2017.02.27 MOU with KAEDAC(Korea Association Educate Center for the Differently abled Children) signed
2017.03.06 MOU with KOREA COLLEGE DIGITAL & IT signed
2017.03.17 MOU with International Beautiful Sori(sound) Association signed
2017.04.10 MOU with DAEGU HANKOOKILBO signed
2017.04.21 MOU with Daegu Regional Office of Community Child Center signed
2017.04.29 15th anniversary celebration
2017.05.15 'channel D'(Daegu Cyber University Education and PR Broadcasting Station) is launched
2017.05.29 MOU with Seoul Dongjak Gwanak District Office Of Educational Support signed
2017.06.02 MOU with Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency re-signed
2017.06.22 MOU with Korea Standard Funeral Culture Lab signed
2017.07.21 MOU with Korea Association of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor signed
2017.07.27 MOU with Changwon Fatima Hospital signed
2017.07.28 MOU with Medical corporation Song-Hak Medical foundation (Hyosarang hospital) signed
2017.08.06 MOU with Taegu Science University signed
2017.09.08 MOU with Bright future career support center signed
2017.09.20 MOU with Korean Red Cross Daegu Chapter signed
2017.09.28 MOU with Chamsarang Children Development Counseling Center signed
2017.09.28 MOU with Han Geoleum signed
2017.09.28 MOU with Seongbo Rehabiltation Center signed


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