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ㆍFeb. 9, 2006 Concluded a joint project agreement with Andong National University for the purpose of training e-learning professionals.
ㆍFeb. 11, 2006 The 1st Graduation Ceremony
ㆍApr. 14, 2006 Concluded an affiliation agreement with Daegu-Gyeongbuk Development Institute (DGI).
ㆍAug. 12, 2006 Opened Gyeongin Education Center, World Gospel Mission Associates, Inc.
ㆍOct. 11, 2006 Concluded an affiliation agreement for integrated research information with Korea Research Foundation.
ㆍDec. 5, 2006 Signed a mutual cooperation agreement with Gyeongbuk Technopark / GB TEC.
ㆍDec. 9, 2006 Opened Jeju Education Center (Korea Assessment Institute of Child Education Leader, Jeju Branch).
ㆍDec. 20, 2006 Concluded an agreement for mutual cooperation/credit transfer with Kundong University.
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