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Hello and Welcome to Daegu Cyber University.
Education in our university has been enlightened for the "Human" and towards the "Human" with great and noble love for humanity and founding spirit of "Love, Light, and Freedom" which was created by the university founder, the pastor Yeong Sik Lee.
As a result of Ten Year Journey to commit this educational philosophy, our university is now merged as one of the best specialized university in the fields of 'special education, social welfare, counseling, therapy, and rehabilitation'.

We are now preparing another next ten-year journey and will use the word 'HOPE' as a compass to show direction of our university with the strong belief that cyber university will become the leading higher education system in the world.

We will strive to make warm and beautiful society through the "Education of the human, towards human, and respecting human" based on the love for all mankind.

We need to reflect upon ourselves about putting too much emphasis on the rational aspects of education. We promote the "All-round education that make professionals who develop warm and just society". Human-Oriented education is the highest value that we consider.

Our university tries to lead the future through "Innovative Smart Education". Cyber university is already considered as progressive education because it will become a primary and the most common and utilized education system in the future.

We are always seeking enthusiastic and motivated with our commitment to "Strengthen the excellence in education through innovation" "Online education quality improvement based on educational technology", and ""Expansion in opportunity to pursue higher education through education cost deductions", etc.
Through such practices on progressive education, we will do our utmost to rewrite the history of cyber university in Korea and make our university history will represent the world's cyber university history.

Human-Oriented Progressive Education (HOPE)!
This is a phrase that extensively consists of our primary concerns and it may also represent the commitment of our university for the next ten years. In other words. it implies our sincere HOPE and it is the way that Korea’s higher education should take.

Our university will give you the HOPE through "Human-Oriented Progressive Education (HOPE)".
Through the "Educational philosophy that make warmhearted professionals, student-oriented university management, educational innovation that lead the future", we will become HOPE not only to our society, but also to all mankind in 21st century. We warmly welcome you once more.
Thank you.

Kun Yong Rhee
President, Daegu Cyber University

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